Monday, May 16, 2016

Gas Pipe

Phases of HDD jobs in Gas Pipe Project

HDD  (Ciliwung Lama): Gas Pipe
HDD or Horizontal Directional Drilling is a drilling lines underground of Gas Pipe through the rivers, bridges or buildings that are difficult to pass normally (mainline or opencut). Muara Karang-Muara Tawar of gas pipe projects have made the job HDD namely: HDD Kali Blencong 1 KM, HDD Ancol In, HDD Plumpang, HDD BKT, HDD Kali Begog, HDD PJB, HDD Pluit Laguna, HDD landmark, HDD Gedong Panjang, HDD Pakin , and HDD Lodan.
Now being worked on HDD Ancol Pasir Putih Regional and HDD Kodam (Ciliwung Lama) along 420 meters.

Reamer 18' HDD Kodam: Gas Pipe
HDD Pasir Putih entrusted by KSO-HMP on subcont PT Titan, while HDD Kodam (Ciliwung Lama) conducted by PT Line Inter Cikara leadership by duo of brothers Heru Widayanto & Harry Widaryono. HDD Kodam (Ciliwung Lama) to date has completed reamer 18 "this afternoon at 5 pm, after the previous day finished penetration of 70 roots. Tomorrow will be implemented reaming 24 "and continued reaming 32" before the pull back.

Here are the stages in the HDD work of Gas Pipe Project:

1. Mobilization of equipments & materials: Machine HDD (Vermeer D130 x 150) for the tonnage of 65 tons of string gas pipeline, while VermeerMaxi (D 750 x 900) for the length of the land 1 KM to 2 KM. Other tools; Mixing Pump, water tank car, roots, reamer, bentonite, etc.
2. Setting tools and equipments
3. Prepare a job description like jobs cabin operator, rigger, freak man, man pump, joint roots man, helper and supervisor.
Crew & HSE Man (Gas Pipe)
4. The operator and rigger set of paratrax and digit track performance in accordance with the desired path.
5. Operator start of Vermeer assisted by rigger who install root on the muzzle calibration.
6. One by one the roots get into the entry hole into the soil up to the exit hole.
7. Installation of reamer 12 "or 18' at exit locations to be drawn to the location entry, installation reamer 24 'and 32'
8. Process pullback after a few string of gas pipelines installed launcher header gradually and continoue.
9. If the end of the string of gas pipelines have appeared at the site of entry, then pull back work has been completed.

HDD Vermeer D130 x 150: Gas Pipe 
In the process of pull back often happens freak out or slurry to the surface of the ground. This happens because of the structure, texture and contour of soil is porous. In fact, often it does stagnation / gas pipeline jammed or string can not be pulled or pushed. This incident could occur if the lag time between the penetration process reamer 32' with pullback for too long, so the bentonite mud stuck to the wall of the hole becomes hard and gripping the pipe. Believe it or not, many also consider that stagnation occurs because the pipe string ridden by spirits such as jin, genderuwo. Then, before the pull back is usually held recitals in the mosque or sodaqoh by slaughtering a goat and make tumpeng. Don't forget to read the others articles like Gas Pipeline in this blog.
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